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I get asked a lot of questions about Private Investigations techniques, tools, training - and even interesting stories! I also get asked questions about my C.L.E.E.T. Certified Training. It is my hope that this blog will instruct you in topics relating to the field of private investigation. It is also my hope that the topics and content you find here will help you navigate some of today's safety issues.

Skeleton Looking

This will be a short article. On June 17, 2017 Smart Private Investigations will be looking for a skeleton of a man that came up missing in August of 2015. The searchers will meet at 8:00 am on Hwy 51 in the area of Canton Oklahoma. We will meet at a bar that is known as 7 mile bar but in reality it is Bels County Inn Bar and Grill. It is located at Hwy 51 and County road 2410. It is a green building with a bunch of portable bathrooms on the east side of the building.

Smart Private Investigations has been working on it for several months and OSBI has been working on the case since August 2015.

In short the man’s pickup was found in the area that we will be searching and a possible last sighting of the man a mile south of where his pickup was located. We know when his cell phone was last used and the battery died.

This search is to assist the family of the missing and presumed dead man. He has 2 young boys, a brother and an ex-wife, all of whom want closure to this situation.

If you want to assist it would be greatly appreciated by me, the family and OSBI.   If you can make it please call my office and leave your name and the number of people who will be coming with you. Thanks for reading this.


Photo of 7 mile bar or Bels County Inn Bar and grill

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A Deadly Time for Oklahoma Police Officers

A Deadly Time for Oklahoma Police Officers

I think it’s time for turds to stop killing us.  Enough officers have died in the recent past and left families behind.  The question is how do we as a law enforcement group stop this.  Yep, I agree killing turds first before they kill us is the best idea. That being said, let’s look at some ideas.  I believe the criminal element is keenly aware of body amour and is deliberately looking to shoot officers where the body amour is compromised or nonexistent.  In this article, I will use the term ASSAILANT, there is a key word in ASSailant and I think you can figure it out.

If body amour is a problem there are techniques that provide some protection and possibly the chance you need to effectively neutralize your assailant. One of the first things is to be ever mindful and informed of what size assailant you are facing.  Learning to read body language is very helpful.  Reading the facial micro expressions will often give away a person’s true attitude towards you and the situation.  In one interview, I was conducting with Inspector Bob Cannon, Inspector Cannon was watching the interviewee’s face.  After I had asked a question and looked down at my notes, Inspector Cannon caught a micro facial expression of the interviewee that changed the entire course of the interview.  He had caught her delayed facial response of getting by with a lie.  It was great because from that point on we watched her body language like an eagle and were able to conduct a very good interview.

Years ago, I read a book by the name of The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker.  I thank my daughter and her college professor for introducing me to this book.  At first I was reluctant to read a college assignment book but why not.  I am here to tell you it is a book well worth your time.  It’s not about being scared but about paying attention to the signals you receive from a person, place or thing and not socially disregarding the information because of social training that occurs in everyone’s life.

Outside of law enforcement, corporations spend a significant amount of money on consultants who have mastered the art of body language.  Attorneys spend money on consults who watch the jury’s reactions during a trial to hopefully determine if the jury is favoring them or not.

I also believe officers need to be taught the art of profiling.  This is one of the great tools that law enforcement can use to stay alive. It is a part to the body language of a person and can be coupled with what you see right in front of you. If you have a person who physically exhibits tattoos that appears to indicate this person rejects authority, it would be worth your time to be cautious. Back many years ago profiling was used in determining the probability of a person transporting narcotics. It consisted of known behaviors that were commonly exhibited by drug dealers.  These behaviors did not rise to the level of probable cause and were determined to be useless in arrest warrants and search warrants.  When the courts determined it to be useless, it obtained the reputation as not worthy of using.  It has somehow now become taboo to mention you use profiling.  Many years ago I was a guest speaker at a university.  During the question answer segment I was asked if I ever used profiling. I proudly said yes and I could see shock on many of the students face.  I believe profiling has unfairly earned the reputation of being a bad practice with the help of defense attorneys and political correctness.  The politically correct attitude has labeled profiling as unacceptable to even consider.

With the use of the concepts in THE GIFT OF FEAR and profiling, an assailant who appears to be cooperative may be giving a whole different message with his body, tattoos and language.  With the use of these tools your decision to be on alert and cautious can save your life. 

It seems today’s many killers are not that mad-crazed person who comes out and charge at the police.  Whether they are motivated by political ideas, religious ideas or are just mad at something, they kill just to kill.  To get that 15 minutes of social media fame.

At one time many officers carried clip boards with them.  Some clip boards the size of a ticket book and some large enough to hold report forms.  Ah, the age of digital entry and often gone the clip board.  Whether it’s a clip board or digital entry device, it can be used as an effective distraction on an assailant and provide life saving time to use more effective methods; yes, getting your gun out and shooting the assailant.  As a police officer I was never taught the concept of common place weapons.  Almost every place you go there are weapons abounding.  Let’s look at your seat in church.  I see a song book - I can throw that.  I see a bible - I can throw that. The keys in your pocket are stabbing and clawing weapon, if you still use keys on locks.  How about the menu at the place you eat after church.  The menu is a striking weapon.  If you don’t think so, ask your partner to strike you in the face at full force with the edge of the menu and then call me with your opinion.  The point is to learn to see the weapons around you that can enhance your survival.   

There also appears to be a problem with arterial bleeding when officers are shot. While this not new information it beckons the idea of onsite first-aid.  What are the first-aid skills of the average officer?  Is there more an uninjured officer can do at the scene of an injured officer or citizen.  Onsite first-aid is critical and with the changes in blood clotting medicine you could be very effective while awaiting more help.  If you are issued a basic first-aid kit or just keep one on hand become familiar with every device in it and how it is used.

In the end, there is no complete answer to preventing the death of police officers in the line of duty.  There is no satisfactory way to ease the pain the officers’ family will endure.  When you put on the badge you take on danger and so does your family.  Don’t forget every day to let your family know you love them.

Be safe out there, come home in one piece and lets be the best of the best.  

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Standing Together

Standing Together

Not long ago I received an investigation to do what was called a wellness check. A wellness check was done in this case to determine the status of a person they were paying compensation to for reasons unknown to me at the time. When I normally get this kind of a case it has to do with a workman’s comp injury and for the insurance company to be able to monitor if the person is still disabled. I was surprised to find on this particular case, this was not the situation.

Let me walk you through my perception and the reality of the case. My perception was the person I would be interviewing would be either elderly or disabled to a point they could barely get around, of course there is always the proverbial scam artist who when I drive up on is dancing the jig in the front yard, (by the way today is St. Patrick’s Day as I write this article).

I went to the front door of the residence, knocked on the door and it was answered by a woman who appeared to be in her mid-30s. She certainly was not disabled and had two small children running around the house. I introduced myself and explained why I was at her house. This woman was very accommodating and allowed me into the house.  As I started the interview with this woman, she continued to do what mothers do with children who are five and nine years old; that is, of course, try to carry on a conversation with someone without several interruptions from the children.

She was finally able to get her children satisfied with doing something different and become comfortable with a stranger in the house. As I progressed through the interview and the questions that were given to me to ask this person, I learned something that I must say set me back a moment.

This young mother of two was the surviving spouse of a fellow law enforcement officer that had been killed in another state while performing the duties of law enforcement.  While this certainly is not my first time to be presented with the death of a law enforcement officer, it was my first time to get a peek into the life of the surviving spouse. As this woman related her story to me I became even more astounded about the situation of the murder of her husband and how her life had to continue on after his murder.

This young mother’s law enforcement husband had been dispatched to a possible domestic. When her husband/officer walked into the garage of the residence, the suspect, a.k.a. murderer, raised up from a concealed location in the garage and shot and killed her husband.  Of course I could go on forever about my thoughts and the dangers of law enforcement work, but I digress.

This young mother continued to tell me how she knew that any time she received a knock on the door and it was the commanders from her husband’s law enforcement agency on the front porch she knew the information would not be good.  She stated she then went to the hospital where her husband had already died from the gunshot wound he received that went above his bulletproof vest.

The next part of the story is amazing, sad, and rejoiceful all at the same time. This young mother and her deceased law enforcement husband were expecting their second child. Eight hours after her husband had died in the hospital she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. 

As I interviewed this woman. She made it clear that while her husband had been murdered on duty, she still had a family to raise. This woman did not elaborate on how she got through the murder of her husband and the instant responsibility of being a single parent with a brand-new baby. All I really know is at some point she decided it was best to come back to Oklahoma and to her family for the support that she would need to raise her two children. 

As I talked to this woman, it was apparent she did not see herself as a victim, but as a single mother raising two children. She was not interested in dating or finding someone as a partner to help her with her children; she had her family for that.  It appeared to me she saw she had a responsibility to her two children that outweighed everything else. She could not bring back her deceased husband, she cannot rebuild the life they had but she could raise their children to be strong and resilient.

Now I will get to the title of this article Standing Together.  In today’s world there is an embraced insignia that is used to unite law enforcement. It is called the thin blue line. While this terminology has been around for a long time, it has caught on with popularity. There are flags that can be flown showing the thin blue line and numerous other such symbols that are shown as a solidarity for law enforcement.

After I got through with my interview with this young mother, I could not think of anything more important than what I could do for this young mother and her children. Luckily in Oklahoma and in Oklahoma City we have a strong group of surviving spouses and family members of slain officers. These people bond together and become companions to each other in a way that no one can understand unless you’ve walked in their shoes. As vice president for the Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association. I went to our headquarters office and got what truly was nothing more than a few appreciative trinkets to give to her and her children. I returned back to her house and gave her those items I had retrieved. Some of those were for her and some of them were for her and her children.  In my opinion, this woman is an American hero, along with her murdered law enforcement husband.

To those who have never been a part of the law enforcement community, this is the reality of every family of every law enforcement officer. Let me say thank you to our law enforcement officers and God protect you. Let me say to each law enforcement family stand strong in knowing the thin blue line is here for you. It crosses all states, all counties, and all cities. I will end this by saying All LAW ENFORCEMENT LIVES MATTER!

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A Thank You note from a Client

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Hot off the Press Bogus Kubota Tractor for sale.

Hot off the Press Bogus Kubota Tractor for sale.

I just worked a case where my nephew was smart enough not to send $6000 to a scam. Here is the important information. The scam is being run by a person calling herself Molly Burnett. She is claiming to have a Kubota tractor for sale due to her father’s recent death. The serial number she provides is 50166. For your information, an actual Kubota VIN has letters and numbers. She placed an ad in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, classified ads for the sale of this tractor using the following phone number: (878) 444-0647. This phone number leads you to a Google phone number account that no one will answer, but you can leave a message. You will receive a text message back from phone number (724) 313- 6164. This person will tell you they’re trying to help out the family member whose father had recently died. They want you to give them an Amazon card number or credit card number, where they will charge only $2000 of the $6000 they are selling the tractor for.

The Kubota tractor they are supposedly selling is a 2002 Kubota B2910 tractor 30 hp diesel engine with only 645 actual hours. They go on to state it has all the original floor mats, all books, with a complete set of tools, the keys, and everything works on the tractor. They also state they will give you five days to inspect it once it has been delivered. They state they had a buyer who could not get finances for the tractor and they had already paid for shipping and could not get a refund on their shipping fees. They stated they would go ahead and pay for the shipping. Of course we don’t know where the supposed first buyer was going to have it shipped to. They also state the Kubota tractor is free of any liens and the title is clear. In addition, they state again they have the all documents, service records, owner manuals and it will come with the tractor.

The scam email address for bogus Molly Burnett is as follows: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When I ran this name and email address through my national databank’s, It came back to a person that showed was 132 years old and currently deceased. Molly lists herself as Staff Sgt. Molly Burnett of the Fairchild Air Force Base. The law enforcement at Fairchild Air Force Base ran her name through their computers and she is not at Fairchild Air Force Base. They are aware of this scam and are currently working on it. Molly Burnett states in her email she is from the Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington

They also have a bogus Amazon account. It does not say It says

They will also send you several very nice photo of a red Kubota Tractor.

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My Prices for an Investigation.

My Prices for an Investigation.

Recently, I received a request on the prices I charge for an investigation. I have a standard hourly fee and mileage fee. There are some reasons why I do not post these prices. At times, I do cases for a flat fee. Additionally, there is also the inevitable price hike due to the cost of maintaining a private investigation company. I don’t like to quote the possible cost of an investigation until I have talked to the people to see if there is something I can be of benefit to for their investigation. At times, I take cases that are based on a budget and understand that if I exceed the budget approved amount, I have just spent my own money. For these reasons, I do not post my prices. Thank you for the question. If you have any questions please email them through my web page or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Update on International Case

In my August 25th 2016 article, I mentioned Smart Private Investigations had been contacted by a person representing an attorney out of Egypt. In the article, I had stated I would keep you updated on the end result of this investigation.

The person contacting me was in Kuwait and also had connections to London. Being the skeptic I am, I proceeded with extreme caution. The end result was that the case was a legitimate case and all the people involved were not of some nefarious scheme.

I found out a few things that will assist me in the future. The first, was how to receive payment from countries outside of the US banking system. The second one was that it was worth doing my due diligence to ensure this case was not some kind of a phishing scheme.

I am glad to report the customers in Kuwait and Egypt were both very satisfied with the work that was performed by Smart Private Investigations and stated they felt comfortable in referring Smart Private Investigations to other attorneys international.  Whether this will mean I get free trips in a privately owned Learjet to the vacation spots of the world to work highly involved international cases is yet to be seen.  For right now, Smart Private Investigations will stay on the same track that has made it successful.

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How to Handle Verbally Aggressive Juveniles

How to Handle Verbally Aggressive Juveniles

In my years as a police officer. I saw the neighborhoods turned over to thugs and gang members. After watching this for many years, it became apparent to me how you lose your neighborhood. The neighborhoods that were lost to thugs and gang members was due to the people who live there not standing up for their rights and their neighborhoods. They would not call the police, they wouldn't use the city codes, and they did not take interest in their neighbors. This is the environment that breeds neighborhoods of high crime. It can happen to any neighborhood.  Once it happens, it is difficult but very possible to regain your neighborhood. You will need to enlist the help of the police and show them you're serious, meaning you will go to court. You'll need to enlist the help of your code enforcement to enforce the city codes. You will also need to watch out for your neighbor. On August 26 of this year two juveniles and later a third came into the private park that is owned by the homeowners association. I was informed by one of the board members they felt as if there was possible drug dealings going on. The police had been there, but did not know this was a private park and there was no one there to meet the police from the neighborhood to sign a trespassing complaint.  The president of the Association came by my house and told me about the situation. I grab my video camera and went down to where the juveniles were at and videotaped their foul language and their aggressive behavior. The police were called again and by the time they got there the juveniles were gone, but we have the videotape of their nasty behavior and the officers were informed I would sign a complaint against them. I will try and attached the video file of the incident. There is one key behavior that I want you to pay particular attention to. The juvenile with the glasses wanted to come up to me and talk. You'll see I told him to stop and not approach me. The reason for that is that is how these thugs line you up for a sucker punch. Always be careful when dealing with this kind of a situation and often times the camera is a very effective weapon. Have a good day and thank you for reading

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Smart Private Investigations is again working on an International Case.

Smart Private Investigations is again working on an International Case.

Yesterday I was contacted by a person from London, England who lives in Kuwait and working for an Egyptian lawyer. Ok I can hear you now, it’s a scam. I am making sure it is not a scam and by all research it is a good case and client. I will have to see how it continues to work out. If it is a scam I will let you know, If not then again I am working on an International case. Yes I have worked 3 International cases before. 1) was in the Netherlands where I located a stolen child, 2) In China where I located a man’s Chinese wife. He was also married in the United Stated 3) when I went Cancun on a case to follow a man on his trip there.  

I was supposedly referred to the person in Kuwait and they called my office after looking at my web site.

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Thank You to Wheat Communications

I want to give my website developers and Internet Marketing team a BIG SHOUT OUT for a great job done.

Yesterday, a woman from London called me. She'd gotten my name from a referral, found my website on the web, then called me.

She's in London, working with an attorney in Egypt on a case that extends into Oklahoma City!

THANK YOU to my great team at Wheat Communications!

You can click here to read about Wheat Communications.

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Being Served a Subpoena

Being Served a Subpoena

I recently served a person a subpoena for a pending lawsuit that had been filed against them. It always amazes me that some people when they are served a subpoena become hostile. This particular person was inside his vehicle and would not open his doors, so I laid the subpoena on the hood of his vehicle and walked away as the person in the vehicle gave the ole one finger salute. This person then got out of his vehicle and told me to come back and tell him what I laid on his vehicle. He then said he was going to kick my butt and I did not know who he was. Obviously, he thought he was important to the world. I did not return to explain the subpoena and I did not bother with his pseudo-position in the world.

It is not process server’s fault that a lawsuit has been filed against you. A process server is just doing a job for the court. I have been served many subpoenas in the course of my law enforcement career and as a private investigator. I have never become upset with the process server, that person has nothing to do with the filed lawsuit. Once I get a subpoena I contact the attorneys involved who I am working for and let them handle the subpoena request.

If you are ever served a subpoena remember the process server is only a messenger. If you want to get upset with someone, look in the mirror and yell at yourself.

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Suspicious Vehicle from Your Bedroom Window

The question is sometime asked what is a suspicious vehicle or suspicious activity. Below I give you a real-life example of what is a suspicious vehicle. On May 21 at approximately 12:30 AM I was closing the blinds to my upstairs bedroom. I had returned from a trip at 11:30 PM and when I drove in my garage notice there was no unusual vehicles on the street. As I went to close my window blinds, I saw a pickup parked across the street from my house and in between my neighbor’s houses on the street. I did not recognize the vehicle as one of my neighbor’s vehicles. The pickup was parked in such a manner that it did not appear to be someone visiting one of my neighbors. I watch the vehicle for approximately 15 minutes and did not notice any movement or any lights.  At this point, I decided the vehicle met the definition of a suspicious vehicle. Now you may ask why? 1) It was a vehicle that had never been in the area before, 2) It was parked in such a manner that it did not seem to be a visitor to a neighbor, 3) It was a vehicle I had never seen in a neighbor’s driveway, 4) The placement of the vehicle was indicative of someone possibly prowling the neighborhood or seeing heaven by the dashboard lights, by any standard it needed further investigation.  The worst foreseeable outcome would be that it was a visitor to a neighbor. I could afford to take that kind of a risk.  I called the Oklahoma City police and gave the dispatcher a description of the outside of the vehicle as I watched it through my upstairs window.  It was approximately 5 minutes later I saw an Oklahoma City scout car driving down the street with its lights off. The officer driving the vehicle drove past the vehicle and then returned back to the vehicle. Once he positioned himself properly behind the vehicle. He went up to the vehicle and found it was occupied by one male.  When it was all over and done with. I went out and talked with the officer and found out the occupant of the vehicle apparently had been kicked out of this residence and was just looking for a place to sleep. The vehicle left the area and I thanked the Oklahoma City police officer for his time and complemented him on his tactical approach of the vehicle. I hope this helps with helping to define suspicious activity or suspicious vehicles.

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Black/White Robbery Division

When I was in the robbery division at the Oklahoma City Police Department, the investigators in that unit were divided into two different groups. One group of investigators investigated what was term White suspects, which included Whites, Mexicans and Asians. The second group of investigators were assigned to investigating Black suspects. At that time we had approximately 2 to 3 more investigators working Black suspects as to the number of investigators working White suspects.

This had nothing to do with racism. It was simple factual workload division. There were substantially more robberies committed by black suspects at that time than there were by the other racial groups. It also improved the police department’s ability to solve robberies because investigators became familiar with population of suspects either Black or White, who are known to commit robberies. Investigators became familiar with the modus operandi of individual robbery suspects and people they associated with. This was nothing more than an intelligent way to investigate robberies.

When I hear the overbroad use of factual clichés on how the criminal justice system somehow is targeting blacks, I personally know they are skewing the information to fit their agenda. It seems to me the Ivy League educated politicians have no concept of what the reality of law enforcement is. As I discovered in my undergraduate work, I had professors teaching from a purely book knowledge position. Those professors had never spent any time in law enforcement. After I graduated and became a police officer, I found out how full of misinformation these professors were teaching. I did find it refreshing when I got into my Master’s program a significant number of the professors were currently in law enforcement or had spent many years in law enforcement.

I make this challenge, and certainly offer my services to teach to the Ivy League schools who are educating the next batch of misinformed young adults. I will be glad to come to your school and help educate the undergraduate or graduate population on the reality of law enforcement.

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