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I get asked a lot of questions about Private Investigations techniques, tools, training - and even interesting stories! I also get asked questions about my C.L.E.E.T. Certified Training. It is my hope that this blog will instruct you in topics relating to the field of private investigation. It is also my hope that the topics and content you find here will help you navigate some of today's safety issues.

Hot Shooter-going it Alone: Full Article

Part 1 of 3

Yesterday I was reading an article from the Oklahoma Peace Officers magazine and it was addressing the recent shootings of citizens and police officers and how to improve on rapid deployment in such a situation. If you want to read more on the article and other articles get a copy of Oklahoma Peace Officers, Spring 2016 edition, volume 9. The article I will be mentioning was written by Richard Fairburn. This magazine is published by the Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association. The article gave four ways to improve rapid in the rapid deployment term. The first one was do not wait for 4 officers. It stated several studies pointed to the need for instant response by the first responding officer. The second one was make immediate entry into the hot/kill zone and begin hunting the killer or killers. These two suggestions are a throwback to when police officers did not have bulletproof vest and often faced a deadly situation alone. In the article, it also acknowledged that any officer who finds himself in this type of situation needs to bring the 50 gallon barrel of courage and whip-ass attitude. (The author didn’t quite put it that way). I agree with the author on both of his two points and what it takes for a police officer to engage in such a deadly situation. If you are planning on becoming an officer or are already a police officer, when you pin the badge on you bet your life that you’ll make it through the day and through your career. There are always people who are willing to kill you.


Part 2 of 3

When I was in the patrol division I was moved to the northwest side of town. I patrolled 125 square miles by myself. A backup for me was 15 to 30 minutes away unless the helicopter was up or possibly a County Sheriff was close. I will grant this area was often called a silk stocking area, but oddly enough criminals maintain a presence in these areas also.

This new tactic is actually an old school practice. There are issues that don’t relate to the officer as much the legal system, the citizens, the President of the United States and todays environment. When an officer was confronted with such a situation, the first order of business for the officer was to come out alive. This did not mean the suspect would survive the encounter. The legal system at the time and still today takes a look at the totality of the environment the officer was in and the reason deadly force was employed. We didn’t have the small radical groups that are perceived to have some kind of pseudo-authority just because they have loud voices and screamed police brutality. The citizens at that time didn’t have the instant access to bogus information that was being broadcasted. The President of the United States did not offer his factually misleading opinion on the situation and his support for the position of the perpetrator.

Part 3 of 3

Here is the point I am attempting to drive home. If citizens want the police to adequately protect them and officers to endanger their lives and come home alive, then they need to allow the police to enforce the law properly. Law enforcement is just that. It is enforcing the laws mandated by the legislative and judicial system. Laws are not designed to make people feel good, there are designed protect community.

Okay now let’s finish the last 2 points. The officer needs to maintain situational awareness and use the clues the killer has left behind (more or less). You may not hear any shooting, but clues such as shot victims, dead victims and empty shell casings will often lead to the location of the shooter. The last point for the officer was to get medical attention to those who need it.

For the police officers reading this be safe and come home. For those who are not police officers be sure to recognize who protects you every day.

Just my opinion

Robert Smart- Smart Private Investigations

Suspicious Vehicle from Your Bedroom Window
Hot Shooter-going it Alone: Part 3 of 3

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