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Tulsa Police Officer Shelby

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby

As of May 17, 2017, the Tulsa jury has spoken on the trial of Police Officer Betty Shelby.  She has been found innocent of committing manslaughter, what a wonderful day this must be for her and her family.

The Crutcher family attorney stated today (May 18th) the only way to rectify the false verdict by the jury, is for the City of Tulsa to pay financial.  While I’m sure the attorney will file the necessary litigation on this case, I truly hope that no money is paid to the Crutcher family.

I listened to some of the comments made by the mayor of Tulsa and his lack of understanding the core problem which led to the shooting. The core problem is non-compliance.  It is not an officer versus citizen problem, it is not an officer versus black problem and it is not an officer versus any ethnic group. It is the non-compliance of a person who is being detained and/or arrested.

The politically incorrect evaluation of this shooting that most people and the administration are running from is non-compliance to an officer’s commands.  A reason that people are shot by police officers is due to threatening police officers and/or noncompliance with the police officers commands.  A second problem is the ingestion of illegal narcotics or legal narcotics to the point the person’s ability to be reasonable and comprehend what is being said to them is compromised.

Had Mr. Crutcher not been on PCP, he possibly would have been able to comprehend what the officers were saying to him. My experience undercover when PCP first came out was a person on  PCP was violent and not comply or comprehend commands given to them. 

I truly hope the Tulsa Police Department administration and officers are behind Officer Shelby’s career.  I hope the police administration is honest and forthright with the Tulsa community and tell them that officers are hired not to be injured or not to be killed, they are hired to enforce the laws passed by the legislature. Police officers have the right to go home every day to their families and their loved ones, just like all citizens have that right also. With 25 years of law enforcement, I can tell you that all the people who complied during all the arrest I made were never harmed or never mistreated and were able to get their day in court to explain their side of what happened. In my opinion, Police Officer Shelby didn’t go to work the day of the shooting with the mindset she wanted to shoot a person, particularly a black person. 

In conclusion, Officer’s Shelby’s shooting was not a result of some kind of racial tension, it was a result of a suspect not complying.  Citizens of all communities, your police officers have the right to go home to their families.  If a police officer stops you and issues commands to you during that stop or arrest, all you have to do is comply and you can go to court and argue your point.

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A Deadly Time for Oklahoma Police Officers

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