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President Oklahoma Sherriffs and Peace Officers Association

Board Member P.S.A.C. - Advisory Committee to C.L.E.E.T.

25 Years Law Enforcement Experience. Bachelors & Masters in Criminal Justice.

CLEET Instructor. 15 Years in Business as a Private Investigator.

Licensed in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Your FAQ Answered by Smart Private Investigations, LLC

Computer Forensics: if you have questions about employee use of your computers, call us and ask us how we can help!

Why Use a PI: usually to obtain information about a person, place or thing.  If you call the police, either part or all of the information is open to the public at large and can be very damaging to a person or corporation. If you use your friend, you have the potential for your friend to spill their guts to another person!

What a PI Cannot Do: A PI does not have immunity from prosecution by the government. A PI cannot posses and/or buy drugs, kiddy porn, illegal firearms, or any other such item(s) that are illegal.

When to Use a PI: If you are in a situation in which you and your attorney agree you need one. It is then important for the PI to work under the supervision of the attorney. Call us if you need more information about this.

Why Use a Full Time PI Rather Than a Part Time PI: there is a significant difference between the two types. Some of the factors to take into consideration include how important your case is to you, will the PI behave in an ethical manner, will there be a written contract, does the PI provide you with the credentials showing his training, have you asked around or called the PI’s references, and are the fees established and in writing. These are just a few items to consider.

Hiring a Private Investigators- What’s this going to cost me? 

When you go need to hire a private investigator, you eventually will need to talk about the financial cost of investigation.  Does the investigator charge by the job or by the hour? Here are some questions that need concrete answers.  How much does the private investigators cost per man hour. The reason to ask for per man hour is because one investigator is one per man hour; two investigators are two per man hour.  Then you have to discuss how many investigators you will need, but that is another discussion.  Also ask how the private charges each hour?  Is it billed on a quarter hour bases, every ten minute charge or some other method?

How much is the private investigator going to charge for mileage?  You might want to learn what the IRS current rate is and use that as a guide.

How about miscellaneous expenses like search, report search fees or other expense that have to be paid to continue the investigation?  Now it is impossible to list all the possible expenses that occur in an investigation but an understanding of how the private investigator charges those expense back is information you need to discuss.

How about the cost associated with each phone call you make to the private investigator?  You guessed it those are not free, so find out how the private investigator charges for those.

How much retainer is expected to be paid?  Most private investigators will require a retainer and charge the cost of the investigation against it.  Now is the retainer refundable? 

One thing you should expect is an accounting of how your money (retainer) was spent.  You should be able to get an invoice from the private investigator that gives you the information on how your money was used in during the investigation.

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