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E-mail Robert:
P.O. Box 721079, Oklahoma City, OK 73172-1079
Outside 405 area: 1-877-722-4461, Fax: 405-773-0303

President Oklahoma Sherriffs and Peace Officers Association

Board Member P.S.A.C. - Advisory Committee to C.L.E.E.T.

25 Years Law Enforcement Experience. Bachelors & Masters in Criminal Justice.

CLEET Instructor. 15 Years in Business as a Private Investigator.

Licensed in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Services and Specialties

Smart Private Investigations L.L.C. has been in business for several years, providing a multitude of professional services to clients needing private investigations.  Smart PI believes that providing EXCELLENCE is just a way of life.  Along with excellent service, Smart PI provides the necessary reports, photographs and other evidence and  other necessary investigative components. Detailed reports are also submitted to the client in a timely manner.  Smart PI conducts investigations into the following areas:

      • Product liability4716NCP 180nikon flash
      • Workman’s compensation claims
      • Medical malpractice claims
      • Criminal investigations      
      • Expert witness in Federal and State Courts on police procedures
      • Statewide Process Serving
      • Repossession of automobiles withreplevinorders                  
      • Internal theft investigations
      • Background investigations
      • Covert investigations

Assisting Attorneys

pentax 35Smart Private Investigations  has been successful in assisting private attorneys with investigations into their cases.  This has coolpixincluded the photographs of vital evidence and conducting a variety of surveillance on subjects who file workman’s compensation claims.  These workman compensation cases involve the gathering of background information on the subject. Smart PI services include video taping daily and night activities and documentation this through report writing and the taking of photograph, along with interviewing witness that might be discovered through the investigation. This is performed undetected by the subject.

Assisting Insurance Companies

Smart Private Investigations provides insurance companies a high return of revenue saved for cost of services rendered.  SPI provides photographic documentation for case investigations. (Please see services listed above for more information.)

Report Filing and Database Searches
Detailed reports are submitted to the client in a timely manner. Smart Private Investigations L.L.C. uses various database sources to gather material for reports.

Smart Private Investigations L.L.C. believes in investing in quality equipment nightvision2and technology:   

  • From a quality Pentax 35 mm camera to digital technology,  including night vision scopes
  • From tripods to monopods, including Jo Mount vehicle mounted tripod which provides a steady shot in either moving or stationary surveillance.,
  • From tape recorders to mini cassettes, and
  • From tracking devices to technology that utilizes satellite information,

Smart PI combines honest investigative work with quality technology, hard work, and careful record keeping to provide the highest level of results.

teaching ind. 2

Smart Private Investigations L.L.C. offers a broad spectrum of professional seminars and C.L.E.E.T. seminars, he can assist you in meeting your professional needs or your organization’s training requirements.  Bob also offers topics related to the needs of private business owners, financial institutions, and attorneys.

Click here to learn more about some of the Seminars Robert Smart offers.

Smart PI combines honest investigative work with quality technology, hard work, and careful record keeping to provide the highest level of results for investigation cases.

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